LifeControl Sensors

Following overall design language we created a set of complementary devices that would fill LifeControl Ecosystem with extensive functionality and beautiful look and feel.

Smart bulb

Light is fun — being able to play with it is even more fun, having beautiful light bulb that would complement your interior is priceless.

Socket base — E27, Power — 7 Watts, Connectivity — Zigbee, Color — RGB, Color temperature — 3000-6000K

Leak sensor

No more disturbed neighbours keep you bathrooms and kitchens safe with leak detector. Notifications come directly to your smartphone. In the design of this device we've implemented falling drop of water.

Connectivity — Zigbee, Battery — CR123A, IP56

Plant sensor

Unique, yet really useful device for those who like to keep track of their flowers and help them grow. Plant sensor detects: light, temperature and humidity of soil.

Connectivity — Bluetooth 4.1, IPX5, Battery — AA

Fire alarm

Essential sensor for home security, detects smoke presence and notifies you about dangerous situations with alarm siren.

Sensor — Photoelectric, Battery — CR123A, Signal radius — 20 M2

Air quality station

Smart and compact home air quality station, keeps constant track of the air quality characteristics, such as air pollution (VOCs level), CO2 level, temperature and humidity.

Connectivity - Zigbee, Sensor — VOC, Battery — AA

Smart socket

Created for home power automation and power consumption monitoring, essential for everyday control of your home electronics and peace of mind.

Connectivity — Zigbee, Power input — 10A, Max power — 2000 W

Door sensor

Will immediately tell you if a door gets opened or closed, very compact and slim design makes it extremely easy to install and use.

Connectivity — Zigbee, Battery — CR123A, Signal Radius — 20 M2

Motion sensor

High-sensitivity motion sensor in a most convenient form factor, allowing to place it to any shelf or attach to a wall within 1 second.

Connectivity — Zigbee ZHA 1.2, Battery — AA, Detection Radius — 120°

Additional Devices for LifeControl

During development of Smarthome ecosystem we’ve also controlled customization of additional gadgets that would fulfil use cases of smart living. Available Wi-fi camera and Fitness tracker were customized to fit LifeControl design language and were integrated into ecosystem of Smarthome.

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