LinzaSmartest 4G cloud connected dash camera

High-definition videos are streamed in real-time to your smartphone and securely stored in the cloud. Comes with Bluetooth button for seamless control while driving and supports OBD accessories for instant car diagnostics and route parameters tracking.

Linza instantly turns your car into a Smart Car making your everyday driving routine more fun and safe.

Full high-definition wide angle camera keeps track of all your trips and makes sure the most important moments are captured and securely stored in the cloud.

Developed by nAO.Design

Safety & Awareness

Built-in G-sensor allows Linza to detect a crash automatically, and mark a video of an accident which can be used later for evidence in court.

While in Parking mode, Linza can detect movements of your car even if you are away and send alert notifications for tow-away or hit and runs.

Smart & Easy Connectivity

Linza is a personal Wi-Fi mobile hotspot, which is always with you in your car. We've included several wireless protocols including 4G LTE, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Wi-Fi to radically simplify and accelerate the way you communicate with your camera and access your photos and videos.


Car diagnostics and all driving parameters are displayed in real-time and added to your videos in the Linza app with supported OBD accessories, connecting to Linza camera via Bluetooth.

Linza Cloud

All marked photos and videos are immediately sent to Linza Cloud via 4G LTE network and are always safe and accessible.

Public Map

You can contribute your photos and videos to public Linza Map so everyone could see the most recent news, traffic updates, accidents information and even funny stories in your city. Linza Map is free and available to everyone worldwide.

Never miss a moment

Save photos and mark videos on the go with just one touch of the Bluetooth Button. It connects to your Linza to give you seamless control while driving.

Now you can report events, save important moments and even automatically share your content to social networks or public Linza Map with just one button touch!

You are in full control!

Linza connects to your smartphone on the go for instant seamless footage transfer and real-time streaming of your videos.

With a built-in GPS sensor, Linza constantly logs your road trip parameters and displays all your routes on a map in your smartphone application or on the web.

More details

Lithium-ion battery
Built-in speaker
Soft-touch finish of the
plastic exterior
H115 x W45 x D16 mm
160 gram
Weight with holder
235 gram