PERENIO — Smart home

In 2018, nAO.Design collaborated with Perenio, a Czech company specializing in IoT-solutions for building management, to create the design language and industrial design for Perenio's smart home system.

Being a part of Perenio’s brand identity, the core values of Perenio products and services are a precise structure and consistency. The proposed design language reflects these values and translates the symbolism of its brand identity into vivid visual elements.

Client: perenio


While performing our design research, we found our inspiration in the industrial design of the 1970-s with its principle of “less but better” where the complexity of a device's functionality comes in hand with purity and simplicity of form.


Circles and squares, simple geometric shapes with straight lines and curves, manifest minimalism and convey a feeling of solidity.

Design principle

All devices in the line are built based on ratio and proportion. We’ve created a rule of 1, 1/3, 1/4 and 1/8 for positioning where: 1 is the size of the main entity, 1/3 is the size of each device, 1/4 is the size of other design elements such as the aluminum logo placeholder or button. Following this rule creates a consistent look and feel for the product line.

Rectangular-shaped logo placeholders with a silver glossy finish add a sleek and elegant look to the aluminum-coated enclosure.

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